Friday, May 20, 2011

“Prime Subjects of Photography”

IF YOU ARE interested, please see my new series of challenges at the Digital Photography Review website, called the Prime Subjects of Photography.

My first challenge, Unconventional Portraiture, is currently in the voting stage, while the current challenge, Photography of Flora, is generating an astounding amount of interest. This will be followed by:

  • Sports Photography
  • Cityscapes (urban landscapes)
  • Night Photography
  • Environmental Photography (taking a portrait of a person in the context of their work or home)
  • Food Photography
  • Street Photography (photos in public in an urban area)
  • Modern Landscapes (landscape photos with extreme sharpness and focus, with little Photoshop afterwards)
  • Abstract Subjects
  • Child and Youth Portraits
  • Wildlife Photography (large animals in the wild; later challenges will concentrate on small wild animals and insects, and birds)
  • Concert Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • ...more challenges planned...

The challenges in the series have a particular structure, with easier subjects coming first, with these being reflected by similar yet more difficult subjects later on. Unconventional Portraiture came first, because it has few to no rules which ought to be followed, while Classical Portraiture, which is far more difficult, comes later.

Typically, human subject challenges alternate with nature studies and inanimate objects. More specialized challenges come later in the series.  The entire series will have 33 challenges, and each challenge includes basic hints for good photography for that particular subject.

The dpreview website is largely suited to beginning photographers. The challenges on this site serve rather well as a learning tool.

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