Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photoshop Wishlist #2

  1. When I apply noise reduction in Photoshop — no matter what technique I use — the apparent saturation decreases. Why is this? How can this be avoided? I don’t want to merely add saturation back in, but avoid it. I’ve noticed the same thing with small-sensor digital cameras, those that do lots of noise reduction in-camera.
  2. Are there any good techniques to get rid of the brightly colored noise found along edges? This is due to demosaicing the Bayer array of the sensor. Eliminating this noise usually leads to desaturation of the good pixels.
  3. Photoshop does not resize images well, and often generates interference patterns. Lots of research has been done on these kinds of algorithms, and it would be good to see these better solutions in Photoshop. Also, fractal resizing has many benefits and would be valuable to have also.
  4. I’d like to be able to fully edit ICC profiles in Photoshop. For example, I have a profile that uses the GRACoL ink colors, but has other parameters I’d like to change. The Custom CMYK interface is rather lacking.
  5. When you use curves in RGB, you can either do it with the Normal blending mode, which typically causes an increase in saturation, or you can do it with Luminosity blending, which decreases saturation. How about a simple method which does neither? I just want the tonality to change, not the basic coloration. Click here to see how it is done.
  6. A solid method of adding local contrast. ‘HDR toning’ does this a bit, and a lot of other things at the same time too, making it less useful. ‘Clarity’ is pretty good, but tends to produce halos also. There are better methods.
  7. A ‘Vibrance’ tool for CMYK. This increases saturation without causing any channel to blow or plug.
  8. I’ve noticed that there is a distinction between chroma, colorfulness, and saturation; not really sure how or what Photoshop does. A solid colorimetric model would be useful.
  9. More color spaces. XYZ and xyY would be useful.
  10. Using Munsell colors in the color picker would be great, as well as better out-of-gamut warnings.
  11. Better statistical color tools. Something that can show all the colors in an image as a three-dimensional solid would be great.
Yeah, I know. All of this development is expensive, and it is easy to criticize!

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